Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Choose Skin Organics?

Our mission is to help others improve the way they see themselves each day! Skin Organics products are simple to use with clean, active ingredients that are recognized for their ability to change the skin. Our natural products are beautifully designed and competitively priced to fit into everyone’s budget. We pride ourselves on our efforts to keep our products clean and environmentally friendly!
  • Our products are affordable, and many have multiple uses that apply to the whole body!
  • We’ve combined Grade A extracts, many of which are organic and fair trade, with active ingredients to create a powerful combination that will improve your skin and give you great results!
  • Our products are esthetician developed, using the most advanced science available. They have been put to the test in a spa environment and reflect years of research and clinical use.
  • We’ve included complementary ingredients, chosen for their ability to work together to create the ideal effect on your skin.
  • The high-quality plant extracts in our products offer a sensory experience that is free of artificial fragrance.
  • Our products are always paraben free, cruelty free, and gluten free! All products except Peppermint Milk are vegan!
  • Our packaging offers an elegant design that is completely recyclable!

Bleubird Show Your Skin Challenge

       Bleubird Show Your Skin Challenge

In just 30 days you can see results in your skin. 
Be Ageless 
Be Blemish Free
                           ORDER NOW for Mother’s Day 

Skincare Routine Valued at $52

·         Peppermint Milk - Cleanse AM/PM
·         Lavender Silk – Cleanse AM/PM
·         Cucumber Sage Mist – AM/PM
·         Pomegranate UV Daytime Protection - AM

To take the Bleubird Show Your Skin Challenge contact or email:

Annette Yanez 
512 567 3083       

Our mission is to help others improve the way they see themselves each day! Skin Organics products are simple to use with clean, active ingredients that are recognized for their ability to change the skin. Our natural products are beautifully designed and competitively priced to fit into everyone’s budget. We pride ourselves on our efforts to keep our products clean and environmentally friendly! 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Business cards are complete

Business cards, return labels, notepad for receipts and banner have been ordered! My wonderful husband found a great deal where all I paid for was shipping!  I selected something that is hopefully easy to work with on my website and not really lock me into a design yet.  I know what I want for website design but I needed to have a way to let people take information thus the simple business cards....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

About my store

As I am still in this start up phase I am tinkering with direction of products. However I was reminded of why I wanted to open a store in the first place.  In the area that I live, Buda/Kyle right outside of Austin there is not much of skincare or makeup that is natural.  Not only natural, organic products but good quality with results.  Looking to offer these natural, clean, noncomedogenic skincare and makeup products for the women in this area so they do not have to drive more then 15 minutes especially in Austin traffic. So I say that to say that I am continuing with my original desire and vision for my venture. Do not get me wrong, I look forward to also offering a couple of items that would bring enhancement to everyday life.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sneak Peek: Chalkboard frames first order complete

Very excited to complete my first order of chalkboard frames.  These can be customized to your space, style and need.  This is a preview and I will have better pictures posted soon....

So on my next steps I am working on some products as completing my website.  Finishing my application to be a vendor at Kyle Market Days on Saturday May 7th.  With that I am also finalizing my tax ID number....that my friend makes me a serious business owner!

I am going for this with trepidation and confidence. We discount ourselves so many times that I think once and while we should just take these steps of venture!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fantastic Skin in a Year Challenge!

Pretty much this is how my plunge to opening a store began....I love my skin so far and think every women should try it so I am selling these products!

For me, my facial skin has been a bit of an issue throughout the years as acne has been off and on my face.  In part of my teen years I was fortunate to see a dermatologist who helped keep my acne at bay.  Now I find myself with adult acne to due to the hormonal changes gearing up and peeking out to let me know I am hormonal….like I need a blemish to inform me of my hormonal state!  So as I have been trying products I also have been asking those I see with great skin. 

In being an examiner I found my way to RAE Cosmetics where I meet not only Rochelle Rae but her team who all had in common fantastic skin.  RAE Cosmetics can bring this natural great skin however I was impressed with them saying that they highly recommend from their experience to use Skin Organics.  Their skin was so amazing I did not have to think twice before I bought the products.  Side note: I am also using RAE Cosmetics in this time because it seems like it just fits in with bringing me the desired look of great skin without being caked on with layers of ‘makeup’. 

So many times I do get impatient with process of waiting for the products to work as the first clean out and stabilize the skin.  However I just have this trust with Skin Organics that I am not going to have to wait too long for results.  As a blogger that I am becoming I will blog on my daily/weekly findings….as I am seriously considering selling this product! 

What product is this that I am throwing my face to?  What is this product that tells me "Be Ageless, Be Blemish Free"?  Skin Organics by Ann Webb is the one.  Just in reading this opening from the website should make you wonder with it true?

I developed my passion for skin care at a young age when I faced my own struggles with severe cystic acne. I envisioned a product line that was affordable, simple to use, and contained the best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients available.  Ann Webb

The previous product I was using was great and would even recommend it especially if you like holistic products.  In doing this swap I have enough credit to use this product for a year so that will be my challenge and final results due to report.  In the video on the website for Skin Organics there is a lady that says she had bad acne when she started 3 years ago…let her be my motivation!

Here is the skin regiment I will be following for the next year:
Ann Webb created this product to follow 4 simple steps

  1. Cleanse Peppermint Milk - Hydrating Cleanser  AM/PM
  2. Exfoliate Lavender Silk - Face and Body Scrub  AM/PM
  3. Mist Cucumber Sage - Balancing Mist AM/PM
  4. Protect Pomegranate - Daytime Protection  AM
  • Repair
       Goji Azelaic - Exfoliating Serum  PM

I know I will just have to write on how they feel once I get to wash my face tonight….if I could I would have just washed my face in the office bathroom!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Opening a store step by step

Here I go taking one step at time in this venture that I am embarking.  Ultimately what is the goal? My family and the flexibility this dream can provide.  I am not naive therefore I know it will require work and dedication to not only have a business but own a store.  We hear so many people genuinely talk about how even though 'it might be a lot of work, I enjoy it' and that is what I am seeing before me.  Opportunity is before me so why not? I am being smart in how to start up thanks to my Mary Kay days where I was both successful and had lost.   Through each step I want to keep the experience written down so I can always look back and hopefully to encourage others to take a step towards their own dreams.

First steps I have taken so far:
  • Finding a name: This took a while as I was trying to be thoughtful and clever. Then I went to being sentimental as maybe using my grandmother's name. Eventually I had to step back and go in a different direction where I found Bleubird.  There is no real explanation in why this name other then it fit my desired design of natural.
  • Establishing my social network: Part of the name is also seeing if gmail was available or twitter account.  With Bleubird it was all there, no changing other then adding Moments.  Facebook is also on the list of networking. All this is important as in simple terms it is free advertising.
  • Purchase domain / website:  Domain name is done and bought.  Website is on the list to do so until then I am linking it to here.  From here you can email me to place an order but also read my venture...
Much to do and this is the start to something that was in me just not sure about.  I am excited and thrilled yet I am trying to not let it overtake my day so I leave you as I head out to the movies with my husband and kiddos.